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Joe Downs

With degrees and careers in both biochemistry and finance, Joe took a very unusual route to Purple State. His passion for digital advertising began in 2016 when he ran for Maricopa County Treasurer and learned how to use list-based targeting to segment and reach voters with more customized messaging, netting himself 616K votes in the process. He has also worked with Facebook partner TeleTech as a Facebook Marketing Expert, guiding agencies and small businesses and helping them optimize their ads.

Joe specializes in using his technical backgrounds to utilize data in order to test and refine messaging and visual creative, to analyze results for refinement and optimization, and to ultimately deliver better results. Along with his expired Certified Financial Planner™ designation and financial licenses, a host of current Google and Facebook certifications, Purple State is listed as a Facebook Marketing Partner.

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Lauren Ghazikhanian

Lauren grew up in public affairs. As the daughter of small business owners, she started assisting with outreach and communications campaigns at the tender age of fifteen. After graduating cum laude from Chapman University with a degree in Advertising and Public Relations, she worked for award-winning advertising agencies in a variety of roles, accumulating knowledge in everything from website development to social media strategy.

As the right brain side of the team, Lauren focuses on messaging, strategy, and creative development. She is driven by her mission to leave the world a better place for her children through enacting positive change

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