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You are in this to win.

With the ever-increasing levels of spending in political campaigns, standing out and getting noticed has become a challenge that every candidate, initiative and public affairs campaign faces. But you don’t need millions of dollars to get your message out to the voters and stakeholders. You know that you need a “digital game” for your campaign. 

What will move the needle is highly targeted and cost-efficient advertising across platforms, from Facebook and Instagram to Google, YouTube and beyond. This allows you to reach your persuadable audience on their phones, laptops, and television screens without wasting resources.  What you might not know is that having a bunch of followers or likes won’t help you find the persuadable supporters you need.

We’ve been integral to campaigns from neighborhood issues, as well as to city, legislative, and statewide races. We understand campaigns are won by appealing to diverse constituents and that one news cycle can change political fates. Having a nimble team that can anticipate and appropriately react to changes can be the difference between winning and losing.

Our Public Affairs Services

Digital Signature Gathering Support
Advertising (digital, cable, print, radio)
Digital fundraising
Message Development
Message Testing
Web Writing
Creative Development
Video Development
Email and Social Media Management


Today more than ever, I pick partners that bring tremendous value and that I trust. Purple AZ satisfies both of those needs. I felt that I could rely on their judgment, understand their creative process, and knew that they could deliver. They thoughtfully constructed the digital ads to really reflect key messages that were important to my race. As a first time candidate, staying on budget was important. They knew that and worked to ensure our goals were met. I would recommend Joe and Lauren to bring your digital programs to life.

Aaron Connor


Targeted advertising and outreach in campaigns may be one of the most important sources for exposure, and I wanted to find a team with a laser-like focus on digital marketing. Purple State Political used data and a deep understanding of local and state races to create and execute a stellar, data-driven marketing campaign.

Jeanne Casteen


My campaign for Mayor of Scottsdale including rapid response, creative content rollout, balanced social media channels and targeted digital distribution were managed and placed by Purple State. Their experience and timing finesse brought my ideas to life in a very compelling manner to deliver the right messages at the most opportune time.  I highly recommend the Purple State campaign team.

Dave Ortega

Mayor of Scottsdale

As a first time candidate for public office, I contribute my campaign success directly to my digital team, Purple State Political. They are professional, adept with data and deeply committed to winning. Having Joe and Lauren on my team was a definite game changer.

Deborah Ann Begay

Moon Valley Justice Court

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